LNDRY ft. wAFF, Phlegmatic Dogs & Dena Amy | Chinese Laundry | Sydney night club

LNDRY ft. wAFF, Phlegmatic Dogs & Dena Amy

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About LNDRY ft. wAFF, Phlegmatic Dogs & Dena Amy

LNDRY ft. wAFF, Phlegmatic Dogs & Dena Amy
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From his roots in the underground clubs of Leeds and Hull, DJ-producer wAFF has gone on to become globally renowned. Held in esteemed regard by his peers, as well as his fans, wAFF’s reputation may be well-established, but his approach to everything is as fresh and exciting as when he was just starting out. Now this lord finds himself at LNDRY and we’re super excited for it!

Enter Phlegmatic Dogs, the Russian duo of Mr. Frenkie and Dima Demian, who have been making huge waves from their suburban Moscow base. Most notably, they caught the ear of AC Slater, boss of booming L.A. party/label Night Bass. With massive EP’s under their belt (Weegle, Keepmastik, Cuatrocats, No Cats & РАШН СТАИЛ), the duo has become permanent family to Night Bass and its followers.

The South African born, Australian raised Dena Amy is a chameleon of the arts; an accomplished DJ, singer, producer, dancer and actress. Having spent the past few years writing, recording and touring across North American, Dena has recently relocated from Los Angeles to Sydney to continue her journey and accolade as one of Australia’s most important new electronic artists. Everytime she’s played at the club has been massive, we expect nothing less this time!