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LNDRY Ft. Maximono

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Saturday 20th June, we are stoked to announce that Maximono will be returning to our corner of the globe joined by one of the hottest acts from a fresh wave of House artists in Sydney.

The former Drum & Bass producer from Hannover, Germany arrived on the House scene causing all sorts of chaos with his ‘no rules’ mix of Bass music, Hip Hop, Jungle, Trap and even oriental beats. Constantly pushing boundaries and exploring sounds, spaces and scenes, MAXIMONO is hitting the biggest labels in the game (This Ain’t Bristol, Dirtybird, Confession, Cuff) creating grooves, mixing beats and turning dance floors into his very own wild paradise.

Ludovic is one versatile machine who is known for showing off quality sets at Chinese Laundry. His range is eclectic, and his music effortlessly thrown together. In a club environment where everyone wants their 60 minutes of fame, Ludovic takes pride in versatility. He can be told to jump on at any stage of the night and no doubt satisfy a whole dance floor which speaks a lot about the respect that he has for his craft.